Meet Ashley

Ashley is always doing something. From writing her first novel, to hosting and executive producing numerous podcasts across the audiochuck network (with her namesake pup by her side), Ashley is a force of nature, wearing many hats.

Advocate and Champion for Change

To help bring a sense of closure to victims and their families Ashley started her non-profit Season of Justice. The goal is to provide financial grants to law enforcement agencies, victims and their families to help solve cold cases.

Author and Storyteller

Ashley is renowned for her ability to craft rich, meaningful stories. Now she’s pulling fans  from podcasts to paper, with her debut novel, All Good People Here. Ashley builds a world of intrigue and suspense where nothing is exactly what it seems.

Founder and Tech CEO

Ashley launched audiochuck in December 2017 and has never looked back. Creating, hosting and producing shows that generate millions of downloads per week.

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